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Prof. Charles De Cannière

Associate Professor — Chargé de Cours

Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium.

Tel: +32 (0)2 650 48 97


Profile & curriculum

MSc in Agricultural Sciences - forestry sciences (1976-1981, UCL - Belgium)

PhD in agricultural sciences and biological engineering (1984-1990, UCL - Belgium)

Research interests

  • Forest decline caused by interactions of biotic and abiotic factors

  • Deforestation in Central and West Africa

  • Dynamics of carbon sequestration in heterogeneous forests of Central Africa

  • Forest structure and composition in rainforests

  • Tree growth and wood anatomy

  • Smallholder forestry and agroforestry

Current research projects

Biodiversity conservation in Burkina Faso (2018-present): How to combine biodiversity conservation and local development in the context of protected areas of the ecological complex Pô-Nazinga-Sissili (PONASI)?

Cambial activity of tropical trees in dense forests of the Congo Basin (2014-present): tree-ring distinctness, relationships between wood density and wood anatomical features, influence of climatic conditions on tree growth dynamics; PhD Yegor Tarelkin.


Within the Faculty of Sciences, I teach General Biology (BIOL-F-102) at Bachelor’s level.

Within the Interfaculty School of Bio-engineering Sciences, I teach Silviculture and Wood Quality (BING-F-4003), Conservation Ecology and Forestry Expertise (BING-F-5001) in the Master in Agricultural Bioengineering. Together with Prof. Nicolas Vereecken, I also supervise 3 months of Internship in agronomic sciences (BING-F-534).


Beside this, I am vice-president of the Interfaculty School of Bioengineering.

Five key publications

- Bastin J.F., Barbier, N., Rejou-Mechain, M., Fayolle, A., Gourlet-Fleury, S., Maniatis, D., de Haulleville, T., Baya, F., Beeckman, H., Beina, D., Couteron, P., Chuyong, G., Dauby, G., Doucet, J.-L, Droissart, V., Dufrene, M., Ewango, C., Gillet, J.F., Gonmadje, C.H., Hart, T., Kavali, T., Kenfack, D., Libalah, M., Malhi, Y., Makana, J.-R., Pelissier, R , Ploton, P., Serckx, A., Sonke, B., Stevart, T., Thomas, D.W., De Canniere, C. & Bogaert, J. 2015. Seeing Central African forests through their largest trees. Scientific Reports 5: 13156.

- Bastin, J.F., Fayolle, A., Tarelkin, Y., Van den Bulcke, J., de Hauleville, T., Mortier,F., Beeckman, H., Van Acker, J., Serckx, A., Bogaert, J. & De Cannière, C. 2015. Wood specific gravity variations and biomass of central african tree species: the simple choice of the outer wood. PLoS ONE 10(11): e0142146.

- Bastin, J.F., Barbier, N., Adams, B., Shapiro, A., Couteron, P., Bogaert, J., De Cannière, C. 2014. Aboveground biomass mapping of African forest mosaics using canopy texture analysis from contrasted acquisitions: towards a regional approach. Ecological Applications 24: 1984-2001.

- La Spina, S., De Cannière, C., Dekri, A., Grégoire, J.-C. 2013. Frost impacts on beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) susceptibility to scolytine ambrosia beetles. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 15(2): 157-167.

- Bogaert, J., Bamba, I., Koffi, K.J., Sibomana, S., Djibu, J.P., Champluvier, D., Robbrecht, E., De Cannière, C., Visser, M. 2008. Fragmentation of forest landscapes in central Africa: causes, consequences and management. In: Patterns and processes in forest landscapes: multiple use and sustainable management (R. Lafortezza, J. Chen, G. Sanesi, T.R. Crow, eds.), Springer Verlag, New York, ISBN 978-1-14020-8503-1, pp. 67-87.

All publications are available upon request or through ResearchGate

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