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Lucas Van den Abeele

Coordinator of the Pajottenland Cereal Network

Tel: + 32(0) 497047142


Profile & curriculum

-          Born in Ghent

-          2012-2016 : Bachelor in bio-engineering at the ULB Brussels

-          2016-2018 : International masters in agroecology at NMBU Norway, BOKU Vienna and ISARA Lyon

-          2018 : Master thesis on the early development of the cereal network

-          Januari 2019 : Engaged by brewery 3 Fonteinen in order to further develop and coordinate the farmers network

Research interests

- The role of farmers' tool design in the evolution of agricultural practices

- Role of technological autonomy in the relationship of producers with their land

- Class dynamics in the polarisation of the agroecology movement in Belgium

Research project

-          Participatory plant breeding

-          Farmer Field Schools

-          Cereal landraces

-          Fair pricing and risk sharing

-          Entire food chain interactions

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