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 Manuel Lambert

Collaborator of the AELab. I take action specifically when soil diagnostics and trainings occur. I also occasionnally take part in the life of the laboratory.

Tel: + 32(0) 478 488 158


Profile & curriculum

I studied agronomy engineering at ULB and specialised in agroecology in temperate regions. After specializing in soil observation by agricultural producers, I got interested in agroequipment and it’s development by farmers themselves.  

Research interests

- The role of farmers' tool design in the evolution of agricultural practices

- Role of technological autonomy in the relationship of producers with their land

- Class dynamics in the polarisation of the agroecology movement in Belgium

Research project

Coordinator of a 15 farmers network growing wheat and barley for a traditional geuze and lambiek brewery. In collaboration with the AE lab and the farmers we perform participatory plant breeding and do research in order to identify the varieties that are best suited to the farmers’ practices, organic agriculture and the region pedoclimatic conditions as well as the breweries requirements. In addition we develop fair pricing and risk sharing between farmers and brewers and we facilitate knowledge sharing between the farmers.

Key Publication

- Manuel Lambert,  Nicolas Vlaminck, Noémie Maughan,  Lola Richelle & Marjolein Visser. (2018). Guide d’observation et pistes d’action pour des sols vivants en maraîchage.


- Lambert, Manuel & Peeters, Alain & Simon, Elisabeth. (2015). Simulation of the agroecological production of balanced food baskets: case of Graux Estate.


- Lambert, Manuel & Peeters, Alain & Simon, Elisabeth. (2014). A peri-urban farm collaborating with several micro-farms: an agroecological model for tomorrow's agriculture?

All publications are available upon request or through ResearchGate

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