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Emmanuel Massart

Prof. Marjolein Visser's research group at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium

Project advisor of the support team for the Co-Create Action of Innoviris (Brussels Region)

02 650 6081

Profile & curriculum

Master in Communication, aesthetics and visual arts - Université de Liège (Belgium)

Research interests

  • - Urban resilience

  • - Participation and empowerment

  • - Social development

Current research projects

My career guideline is centered on participation and emancipation of people through a broad spectrum of approaches. It starts from the practical reality (worked as a social worker for youth support, animator of documentary workshops), continues through project coordination (action research in working-class neighborhoods in Wallonia and Brussels, creation of a collective civic service in Verviers), includes the analysis of practices and speeches (project "Words of youth. Who are they ?", membership of mutual practice-based learning teams) until touching the practice of art (making documentaries).


I currently work as a Project advisor within the framework of the 2016 Co-Create action towards Urban Resilience, a program financed by Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for scientific research (www.cocreate.brussels). More in particular,


  • I advise and support teams in the definition and implementation of their objectives and action plan

  • I create synergies between teams to make sure stakeholders share essential information

  • I help teams to mobilise users and stakeholders of the Brussels Region

  • I assist Innoviris to define scope and philosophy of the action

Five key publications

Massart E. ; Ghyselen S. ; Verstraeten S. ; Van Mechelen O. ; De Donder L. ; Smetcoren A. ; Struelens L. « Vieillir dans la grande ville. Des alternatives en matière d’habitat et de soin pour les personnes âgées à Bruxelles. », EVA vzw, 2017

Massart E. « Travailler autrement en milieu ouvert », in TRACE(S) de changement, n°214, 2014

Massart E. « Eduquer, c’est prendre des risques », in Journal du droit des jeunes, n°314, 2012

Massart E. « Pour des jeunes acteurs de la démocratie », in Politique, revue de débats, n°62, 2009
Massart E. « Paroles de Jeunes. Qui sont-ils ? La participation, l’engagement et l’affectif chez les jeunes et plus largement la relation qui s’établit entre eux et la société », CAAJ de Verviers, 2007