A brief history of the Agroecology lab

Our lab was originally founded as the "Landscape Ecology and Plant Production Systems" unit back in 2007 by Prof. Jan Bogaert (landscape ecologist), Prof. Charles De Cannière (forestry) and Prof. Marjolein Visser (agronomy).

The original aim was to contribute to the improvement of natural resource management by pooling expertise from ecology, agronomy, and forestry. More specifically, the team studied landscape transformations through the quantitative analysis of aerial photographs and satellite imagery, while developing analyses on farming systems, the agroecology of native seed production for the restoration of degraded lands, and smaller-scale studies such as the ecophysiology of tree growth.

In 2012 Prof. Jan Bogaert left the team and since 2013 Prof. Nicolas Vereecken is among us to reinforce the work through an agroecological prism to embrace the social and economic dimensions of the management of natural resources, as well as to collectively develop studies on agroecological innovations, urban agriculture, agroforestry and ecosystem services such as the pollination of crops by wild and managed bees.

The Agroecology lab today... and tomorrow

The Agroecology lab is one of five laboratories of the Interfaculty School of Bioengineering (EIB) at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Our lab hosts a growing team of researchers interested in trans-disciplinary studies, bridging the gaps between ecological, agricultural and social sciences.


The academics in the team have a strong commitment in the management and the teaching of the EIB, and they are also actively involved in international development cooperation —  an essential ingredient of our research and education activities. The academics in the team have a track record of over 15 PhD theses successfully defended with a focus on Europe, Central, West and North Africa, as well as publications in high-rank international peer-reviewed journals and a wide range of scientific outreach activities.

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